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We use only the best processes to produce food products which guarantees the health of your family.
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Our Story

Avant Organic Farms & Foods Limited is an organization that is passionate about

producing farm products that are healthy and safe to eat. It was founded on a strong sense of service to humanity and commitment to excellence. 

We are modeled after Songhai and painstakingly practice farming systems, that produce the best crops and vegetables for consumption. Our livestock are nurtured and processed hygienically, which would explain their top-notch freshness and taste. We strongly advocate that food is primarily medicine because the healthier you eat, the healthier you live.

While producing healthy food for consumption, we are not unmindful of the kind of impact of our farming on the environment. So, we make it a point of duty to ensure that we contribute positively to sustaining and preserving our environment.

Lady packaging whole chicken

Our Culture

Our culture encompasses hard work, genuineness, team spirit and healthy living.

We are committed to providing healthy food and so, we take genuineness and transparency in our dealings with our clients and consumers very seriously. This is why we make it our culture to take you through our farming and processing activities.

Our People

Avant farms and foods limited boasts of the most motivated, hardworking, skillful and passionate people.

We are health enthusiasts and that is why we are very invested in your health through our products. In us you have health partners, smiling faces and listening ears. We look forward to you joining the healthy team and it would be our pleasure to guide you through living a more advantageous life.

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Our Processes

Farm fresh foods

To begin with, cleanliness and neatness are at the core of our operations. We cannot produce healthy food in unhealthy conditions. Then with our integrated, value-chain approach, we leverage on the produce or by-products of our farm processes as raw materials for others. This is a zero-waste system that also encourages earth sustainability. Nature conservation and preservation is important to us so we consider climate change and do our best not to contribute negatively, but positively. While going about our farming and production processes, we keep the future in mind.

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