Poultry farm

4 Ultimate Factors To Consider Before Starting Up a Poultry Farm Business

Poultry farm

In the last few years, there has been a resurgence of interest in the poultry industry.
This is because the demand for meat and eggs continues to grow yearly, making this sector a lucrative business opportunity. Anyone who is thinking of starting up a business in this sector should take note that the demand for avian products continues to grow globally.
There are so many benefits to raising chickens at home or establishing a commercial poultry farm business. Poultry farming is an affordable way to produce high-quality meat and eggs for your customers, family and friends.
There are also plenty of opportunities for secondary income with the right setup.
If you have always wanted to start up your own business, this article will give you all the information you need to get started with confidence!

– Market Research.
– The Right Breeds for Nigeria’s Condition.
– Location and Housing System.
– Poultry Feed.
– Conclusion.

Before you start any business, you should assess the market and competition.
This is important to ensure that your business idea is viable.
Furthermore, it is important to determine the type of poultry farming you’re interested in;
– Egg Production (Layer farm)
– Chicken Meat Production (Broiler Farm)
Do a fair comparison between your output size, position in the value chain, and your target market.
When it comes to poultry farming, there is stiff competition from large-scale commercial producers and small-scale backyard farmers. You should also consider the fact that this is an everyday product with a relatively short shelf life. If you want to differentiate yourself from the competition, you should only go for the best breeds. If you are targeting a niche market, consider offering organic feeds and organic eggs from your chickens.

Different breeds of chickens are suitable for different climates and conditions.
For instance, you should avoid breeds that are not suitable for the hot and humid weather in Nigeria. In this case, the following are the best breeds that are both suitable and profitable for Nigerian conditions:
The best Layer Breed; Isa Brown.
The best Broiler Breeds include; Cob 500, ROS 308, Arbor Acre.
The breed mortality rate is also an important factor to consider.

When starting a Poultry farm, the importance of the farm location to the success of the business, cannot be over-emphasized.
The ideal location for poultry farms would be the outskirts of urban or peri-urban cities where there is a ready market for both Chicken meat and eggs.
This also ensures residential areas remain conducive for residents.
The next thing to consider is the chicken housing system. A good housing system should be large enough to accommodate all the birds comfortably. It should be easy to clean, rodent-proof and well-ventilated.
It should also have enough space for feed and water dispensers.
If you are rearing large birds, you should also consider a sturdy and strong housing system to prevent it from being destroyed.
Determine the type of housing system you want to adopt for either the layer farm or the broiler farm.
The most common housing system for Layer Farms includes; Deep litter and Battery cages. While for Broiler Farms; Deep litter, Pilotis, and Battery cages.
For feeding and watering equipment, you can use a commercially available feeder or an automatic feeder.
A dust bath is also a good addition to your chicken house.
It helps keep your birds healthy by controlling parasites and increasing their immunity.
For the litter, you should consider a material that is easy to clean and absorbent.
their examples are as follows; sawdust, wood shavings, groundnut husk, rice bran, etc.
Equally very important to note is that the longer side of the poultry house must be on an east-west orientation to reduce direct sunlight on the chicks.
Side walls should be 2-3 feet high and could be made of bricks, or block and the rest covered by wire mesh and netting at 6-7 feet high.

This is an essential component of the poultry production process.
They are responsible for providing nutrients critical to the birds’ health, growth and reproduction.
They are also a significant source of income for poultry farmers. You can get commercial feeds from mills or buy premixed feeds from feed stores.
If you decide to make your feed, you should ensure that you are using quality ingredients.
For your feed to be nutritious, it should contain balanced levels of proteins, minerals and vitamins.
You can also use feed supplements such as probiotics and amino acids to boost your feed’s nutritional value.
There are three main types: chick starters, growers, and layer feed.
Chick starter. In just the same way Kittens, puppies, and humans—all start off life eating a different kind of food than they end up eating later in life.

If you want to start a profitable poultry farming business, you should select the most suitable breeds for your location and take the time to prepare your farm for the birds.
You should also consider the feed and feed supplements you use to ensure that your birds are healthy and productive.
Once you have these things in place, you can rest assured that you are on the right path to success.

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